Nicola Villa



I am an architect. However, I don’t project cities, houses, or objects. My media are painting, photography, and video; my work focuses on the people and the spaces where they live through a language that is between narrative and documentary, and an approach between scientific and sensorial.

Since I have been staying in Harlem I have collected several visual notes. While in Italy I often assume I know how people behave in their spaces and why, in New York I cannot understand the background buzz created by people’s thoughts and communication; I feel as if I am missing the true color of this humming.

“Seeking for Words” is a series of incomplete images of dumb characters. I ask the visitors to write directly on these sheets thoughts and words suggested by the portrayed figures, to recreate the complexity of voices and languages, which I could imagine only in Italian and from my single viewpoint. My subsequent works will translate these “data” into feelings. By doing so, I ask the public to enter the work not only in order to help me, but also to transform them from external viewers into conscious collaborators.

These sheets will remain “open to writing” during the whole period of my stay here. I wish that the intersection and superimposition of your words will constitute a structure capable of creating relations: on the one hand, among my figures, on the other hand, between them and you.

walking watercolor on paper cm 70×100

WALKING watercolor on paper cm 70×100

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