Susy Blu – On the block – still in progress!

Susy Blu
On the block

photography project

Since 5 months I have been working to create a photographic portrait of the block where I live, taking pictures in the interior of my neighbors’ houses and shops. To create this project I had the chance to meet very interesting people, some of them became little by little good friends and I have been active in the network of this neighborhood. There are still some neighbors that I didn’t meet and some that didn’t like the idea of having a stranger coming from Italy entering in their homes. Some are still thinking about my proposition and I hope to have the chance to photographs more houses before my departure next April.

On Wednesday February 13, 8.00–11.00 pm we are having a reception party at HSF to welcome the two artists just arrived. I am showing some of the photographs I made on this block so far and a presentation of the project.

Here you have the last “letter to the neighbors” I wrote and distributed around the block, a text explaining my feelings about this work and a small selection of images.




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Harlem Studio Fellowship HSF is a residency program for international artists. Conceived by Ruggero Montrasio and curated by Raffaele Bedarida, the program invites two or three young artists every three months. HSF provides them with housing and studio in Harlem, NYC. HSF gives a welcome party after one month of each group's residence, in order to introduce the Harlem Studio fellows to New York friends and public. Every three-month period will end with a group exhibition, displaying works and projects accomplished by each artist during his/her stay in New York. In every spring from 2008 on, a show will be held (catalogue published by Silvana Editoriale), displaying a selection from the artists in residence during the previous year. View all posts by harlemstudio

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