Leone Contini – Dried wheat sprouts trophy



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Harlem Studio Fellowship HSF is a residency program for international artists. Conceived by Ruggero Montrasio and curated by Raffaele Bedarida, the program invites two or three young artists every three months. HSF provides them with housing and studio in Harlem, NYC. HSF gives a welcome party after one month of each group's residence, in order to introduce the Harlem Studio fellows to New York friends and public. Every three-month period will end with a group exhibition, displaying works and projects accomplished by each artist during his/her stay in New York. In every spring from 2008 on, a show will be held (catalogue published by Silvana Editoriale), displaying a selection from the artists in residence during the previous year. View all posts by harlemstudio

2 responses to “Leone Contini – Dried wheat sprouts trophy

  • Leone Contini

    A proposito del video: la performance basata sulla reiterazione e’ intesa come gesto pseudo-rituale (“pseudo” poiche’ avulso da un sistema strutturato di credenze) ed in fondo, specularmente, ogni atto rituale e’ inevitabilmente performativo, essendo un insieme di gesti codificati, parole, formule.
    La natura e’ dunque strumento e forma di una necessita’ tutta umana, ed e’ “praticata” al di fuori del mito ecologista: l’elemento naturale, che in questo caso e’ anche grano, alimento, e’ sottratto a quella ipostasi e ricondotto nell’ambito di una riflessione sulla credenza e sul rapporto dell’uomo con il sacro.

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